We made lot of progress in the past year. More about it below.
But another thing really stands out for me: Through many long in-person discussions we gained a much better understanding of the very diverse problems our customers face.

A few challenges we recently talked about:

  • Automating time-consuming manual testing for low level code.
  • Guaranteeing worst-case execution time constraints for different microcontroller.
  • Efficiently working on microcontroller code in distributed teams.
  • Implementing a solid second-source strategy for MCUs.

The ExecutionPlatform helps with all these challenges.
But we did not sufficiently communicated how. That is why we will start writing about all these use cases in the coming months. So stay tuned.

Our booth at the ESE Congress in December 2023.

Review and Outlook

Our team made a lot of exciting improvements to the ExecutionPlatform in 2023.

  1. I am happy to say that we now support all common peripheries for low-level testing. Among them are GPIO, UART, SPI, ADC, CAN, PWM and I²C.
  2. A new feature that makes remote work for microcontroller much more practical: The ExecutionPlatform has built-in support for connecting an external logic anaylzer that lets you view any of your microcontroller pins. You connect a logic analyzer and then choose at runtime which pins you want to see. Without any rewiring.
  3. Countless usability improvements like support for user-created configurations, reduced test execution time and more detailed errors. Our goal is to provide a test and development tool for microcontroller that is a joy to use. We will continue to listen for user feedback to do so.

In 2024 we will introduce an often-requested Hosted-by-embeff option. Up until now you could choose between a Standalone (for your desk) and a Rack (for your server) variant. These devices then had to be connected to your company network. With the Hosted option, we were able to make it even simpler. You just securely connect to a device hosted by us. The ExecutionPlatform is designed from the ground up for network-only use. This means you can use all the functionality. From anywhere.