Why customers choose us

Stable Firmware

Innovative Open Loop Tests that let you write robust drivers.

Easily check error scenarios that are otherwise hard-to-test.

100% automated. No cabling necessary.

Support for all common periphery such as UART, SPI or CAN.

Productive work. From anywhere

View any of your microcontroller pins to gain insights.

Use it from anywhere. You only need a network connection.

Debugger, Oscilloscope, Signal Generator and Microcontroller PCB combined into a single device.

Focus on your core business

No more self-made solutions that are impossible to maintain.

Solid documentation so that everyone can use it.

Fast onboarding. For everyone.

Scales to your budget

10x cost reduction compared to a typical HiL system.

Flexible monthly licensing. Pay only for what you need.

Get your powerful test environment


We integrate your microcontroller.

Use up to 140 Digital I/O.
Use up to 24 Analog Outputs.

You choose ExecutionPlatform hardware for your needs.


1 microcontoller

Use it on your desk


Different microcontrollers.

Multiple parallel users.

Mountable in your 19” rack.


We host the hardware.

Scales to your needs.

Secure access from anywhere.


You choose the right package for you.


Start on-target unit testing and microbenchmarks.

Code Interface

Analyzer Endpoint

Quick Email support

Continuous software updates

Free hardware upgrade for new EP-generations

Free replacements if microcontroller flash cycles are exhausted


Robust driver tests for the most important periphery.

Everything in "Base"

GPIO Endpoint

UART Endpoint

SPI Endpoint


Extensive tests for all your drivers.

Extensive tests for all your drivers.

Analog-Out Endpoint

CAN Endpoint

PWM Endpoint

I2C Endpoint

Incremental-Encoder Endpoint

How to Test Firmware Code

Functions on the microcontroller are called at test time via the code interface.

Endpoints are the interface between a test and a specific peripheral. Each endpoint provides specific functionality.

Endpoint configuration can be changed for each test.

Productive Development.

Connect an optional Logic Analyzer.

Choose at runtime any MCU signals to view.

All automated without any rewiring.

Gain maximum insights what is happening on your controller.


Test Sequences

We like to use software that works excellently. Especially if it is an open source solution that is already being used successfully in leading industrial companies: The Robot Framework.

The functions of the ExecutionPlatform can be used entirely from the Robot Framework. In your test sequences you use our endpoints and the code interface.

You have little time for cumbersome tool setup. Therefore we offer a completely preconfigured integration into the most modern IDE in the world: Visual Studio Code.

Full Automation

Endpoints replace your laboratory devices
Endpoints are the interface between test and periphery. Each endpoint supports a specific periphery (GPIO, CAN, …).

The periphery can refer to one or more arbitrary MCU pins. Endpoints can be configured as required on the ExecutionPlatform. All pins of your microcontroller are available for this.

Checking or stimulating pins is traditionally done manually using an oscilloscope and signal generator. The functions of these devices are already integrated in the endpoints. No additional devices are necessary.

Code Interface to access your functions
Functions on the microcontroller are called at runtime via the code interface.

You register the functions you want to call in the firmware. These functions can then be conveniently called from the test sequence.

A debug probe is already integrated so that your firmware can be transferred to the built-in microcontroller. Flashing is conveniently done from the test sequence.

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