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Get your powerful environment for unit tests


We integrate your microcontroller.

Use up to 140 Digital I/O.
Use up to 24 Analog Outputs.

You choose ExecutionPlatform hardware for your needs.


One microcontoller.

Use it on your desk.


Different microcontrollers.

Multiple parallel users.

Mountable in your 19” rack.


We host the hardware.

Scales to your needs.

Secure access from anywhere.

Run unit tests on MCU to avoid surprises

Run unit tests on-target on your microcontroller to increase their reliability. By doing this you test the embedded software as it will also end up in your final production code.

Data structures as in production.

Same runtime dependencies.

No #ifdefs needed.

Save time by using production environment

Only one toolchain needed.

Access to hardware dependent functions without extra effort.

Check not only your code but whole building process.

Use your preferred test framework

Use a standard solution that you are familiar with. We support googletest, unity and Catch2 out of the box.

No need to maintain custom solutions. All steps like flashing and collecting the test output is already integrated in the ExecutionPlatform.

Test beyond software

Interact with MCU internals (CRC, DMA).

Check low level drivers for peripherals (I2C, SPI, …).

Be vendor independent.

What our customers say.

"We use a two-digit number of different microcontroller from various manufacturers. With the embeff ExecutionPlatform, our software modules are tested in parallel on all microcontroller. By foregoing labor-intensive in-house developments, we save time and also have a standardized, easy-to-use and automatable test solution and documentation of the test results."

Jan Schröder

Head of Basic System & Standard Modules

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