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We integrate your microcontroller.

Use up to 140 Digital I/O.
Use up to 24 Analog Outputs.

You choose ExecutionPlatform hardware for your needs.


One microcontoller.

Use it on your desk.


Different microcontrollers.

Multiple parallel users.

Mountable in your 19” rack.


We host the hardware.

Scales to your needs.

Secure access from anywhere.

Debug your code

Use the integrated SEGGER J-Link for powerful debugging.

Debug from anywhere with network-based access.

Stimulate and measure pin behavior

Call any function running on the microcontroller with our Code Interface. Invoking individual pieces of hardware-dependent code to evaluate them in isolation.

Stimulate and observe pin behavior with our peripheral-specific Endpoints. Easily specify fault injection scenarios.

Write short sequences in Robot Framework for your scenario.

Use tests to interactively explore the behavior of your Microcontroller.

Observe any pin behavior

Programmable logic analyzer interface.

Choose up to 8 microcontroller pins for observation.

No cabling. Reconfigure pin usage for each test.

What our customers say.

"The very good insight into the microcontroller behavior down to the pin is particularly helpful in day-to-day work, and the freely programmable logic analyzer and integrated debugger allow complex behavioral scenarios to be fully displayed and understood. The fact that this is possible without unplugging cables and also from the home office makes the ExecutionPlatform a valuable tool for me."

Fabian Frese

Senior Software Architect

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