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The complexity in embedded systems is steadily increasing.

More and more tasks are carried out by software. Integration and communication with other systems are getting more relevant. To succeed in this environment, the resulting complexity needs to be controlled.

Embedded systems are steadily becoming more complex and capable.
embeff helps its clients produce embedded software that is efficient and competitive.

An efficient software development allows teams to concentrate on the actual value-maximizing tasks and produce high-quality embedded software in a competitive way.

embeff helps making your development more efficient.




1(of a system or machine) achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort of expense: more efficient processing of information.
2(of a person) working in a well-organized and competent way: an efficient administrator.

Low code quality in embedded systems endangers humans & the environment, frustrates customers and may lead to devastating maintenance and replacement costs.

Low code performance increases latency, energy consumption and hardware costs.

Low code quality can negatively impact software efficiency.

Slow Feedback Cycles are a unique problem in embedded software development.

Delays between development and inspection hinder exploration and tinkering which is needed for optimal results. At the same time chances decrease to discover bugs and other critical issues in an
early stage.

Slow feedback cycles can hinder software development.

embeff helps you to to increase both quality and performance simultaneously.

We demonstrate that high-quality software is also possible for resource-limited systems.

embeff products have high quality code standards that increase performance of embedded systems.

embeff helps you to develop Fast Feedback Cycles for your specific requirements.

An agile development framework transfers the key ideas of early feedback and empiric
process control to the product development itself.

embeff products implement fast feedback cycles to support an agile development process.

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Let us together make high-quality embedded software affordable and commonplace.

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