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Get your powerful environment for HW/SW integration tests.


We integrate your microcontroller.

Use up to 140 Digital I/O.
Use up to 24 Analog Outputs.

You choose ExecutionPlatform hardware for your needs.


One microcontoller.

Use it on your desk.


Different microcontrollers.

Multiple parallel users.

Mountable in your 19” rack.


We host the hardware.

Scales to your needs.

Secure access from anywhere.

Test your hardware abstraction layer (HAL).

Call any function running on the microcontroller with our Code Interface. Invoking individual pieces of hardware-dependent code to evaluate them in isolation.

Stimulate and observe pin behavior with our peripheral-specific Endpoints. Easily specify fault injection scenarios.

Write test sequences using the industry-proven open source RobotFramework. The ExecutionPlatform provides a library to extend RobotFramework. You write test sequences that use our Code Interface and Endpoints to implement Hardware/Software integration tests.

How the ExecutionPlatform Code Interface and Endpoint structure make it possible to test the hardware abstraction layer

Support for the peripherals you need.

Each endpoint provides a set of functions you need to test this specific peripheral. Take a look at the documentation examples to get familiar with the test possibilities.

Specific support for fault injection gives you a way to improve test coverage. Easily check scenarios that are difficult or impossible to reproduce in system tests.

Designed for your needs. Functionality extensions are regularly shipped with software-only updates.

100% automated.

Shows situation without the ExecutionPlatform: A typical manual measurement step

Shows situation without the ExecutionPlatform: A typical in-house test system with many chaotic wires

No cabling. Reconfigure pin usage for each test.

No other lab equipment. Everything in one device.

Fully automated and easy to use in Continous Integration.
ExecutionPlatform hardware in the rack variant

What our customers say.

"With the embeff ExecutionPlatform, we have the possibility to test the entire functionality of the hardware abstraction layer without dependence on real control units. Our developers are enthusiastic about the possibilities. "

Jan Schröder

Head of Basic System & Standard Modules

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