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We integrate your microcontroller.

Use up to 140 Digital I/O.
Use up to 24 Analog Outputs.

You choose ExecutionPlatform hardware for your needs.


One microcontoller.

Use it on your desk.


Different microcontrollers.

Multiple parallel users.

Mountable in your 19” rack.


We host the hardware.

Scales to your needs.

Secure access from anywhere.

Find worst-case execution time for your function.

Depending on inputs function can have different execution time.

Finding inputs with longest execution time manually is difficult and time consuming.

Missing deadline can introduce sporadic failures that are difficult to reproduce.

Check runtime for your software components in automated way.

During development run time for functions changes.

Detect violations as soon as they are introduced.

Add timing analysis to your test suite.

Collect data and look at trends.

Find the change that impacted timing quickly.

What our customers say.

"We use a two-digit number of different microcontroller from various manufacturers. With the embeff ExecutionPlatform, our software modules are tested in parallel on all microcontroller. By foregoing labor-intensive in-house developments, we save time and also have a standardized, easy-to-use and automatable test solution and documentation of the test results."

Jan Schröder

Head of Basic System & Standard Modules

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