We are developing solutions for a better understanding between implementation, performance and resource requirements.

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Presumptions and prejudices related to software performance dominate discussions and prevent urgently needed innovation in the area of embedded software engineering.

At the same time MCU features such as caching and pipelines make it increasingly difficult to judge runtime performance – even when considering the assembly output.

Fast code and low energy consumption are very important factors in an embedded environment.
Barebench - an Embeff embedded product

barebench is a web-based service to measure code performance for embedded microcontrollers. Without special hardware.

Cycle-precise results allow for well-founded reasoning on the applicability of language, library or design features in question. When trade-offs are necessary, the decisions can be based on actual data.

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Available flash for firmware is often limited. The usage of certain concepts, language features or libraries may involve unwanted large increases in the binary.

Small sized files and continuous monitoring lead to better results
binarymonitor - an Embeff embedded product

binarymonitor monitors resource requirements and prevents surprises.

Results are available in tabular and graphical form for inspection. Thresholds can be configured, so that warnings are issued to developers.

Potential problems are detected early and can be handled immediately.

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