ExecutionPlatform Standalone

• Contains 2 MCUs of a selectable type
• Manual
• Software package and demo project for selected type (based on a toolchain cmake / arm-gcc)

Basic priceEUR 1,890.00

Selection of an MCU from the freely supported list (*)plus EUR 0.00

Selection of any ARM Cortex-M MCU of your choiceplus EUR 2,860.00, once off

Support for additional MCU architectures / toolchainsUpon request

• Any MCU types and compilers / toolchains of your choice possible
• Subsequently selectable for the ExecutionPlatform standalone

Software integration according to the customer's wishesUpon request

Support for new work packages, according to the customer's wishesUpon request

All prices are subject to VAT.

(*) Currently selectable types: STM32F407VGT, STM32L476VGT

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