ExecutionPlatform Standalone

• Contains 2 MCUs of a selectable type
• Manual
• Software package and demo project for selected type (based on a toolchain cmake / arm-gcc)

Basic priceEUR 1,890.00

Selection of an MCU from the freely supported list (*)plus EUR 0.00

Selection of any ARM Cortex-M MCU of your choiceplus EUR 2,860.00, once off

Support for additional MCU architectures / toolchainsUpon request

• Any MCU types and compilers / toolchains of your choice possible
• Subsequently selectable for the ExecutionPlatform standalone

1-year maintenance contractEUR 2,810.00

• Continuous software updates
• Email support for products, guaranteed reply within 24 hours
• Applies for a maximum of 5 ExecutionPlatform standalones

Software integration according to the customer's wishesUpon request

Support for new work packages, according to the customer's wishesUpon request

All prices are subject to VAT.

(*) Currently selectable types: STM32F407VGT, STM32L476VGT

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